Day 1, June 6th. We just returned from one of the many camping trips that we take every summer.Yesterday I was on the lake without a care (well other than knowing I would soon be starting this course). Now today… I have opened a Twitter account, learned about and opened a Hypothesis account (where I will soon learn to annotate documents), and have created this WordPress blog. Panic is the first word that comes to mind. I have no idea how I will balance being a mom at home all summer to my five year old and two year old. Both of whom, demand and deserve lots of love and attention. How will I keep my house clean, my weekly chores completed? I can usually balance these things during nap time, which now is going to be used for completing work to complete the work for my Master’s degree.

Deep breaths and maybe a little crying:) Wish me luck, and I will do the same for all of the others that find themselves conquering the world a few tasks at a time.


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